It’s no secret that storms are a common occurrence in certain states. Although severe storms are uncommon, they can occur and may inflict substantial damage to your property. Thankfully, most homeowners’ insurance policies cover storm-related damage such as hail, wind, and lightning (although flooding and earthquakes do not typically make that list).

When you file a claim with your home insurance provider, they will want an assessment of the damage to your house. Many insurance companies may attempt to choose the contractor themselves; nevertheless, if possible, we advocate selecting your own. This assures that your chosen contractor will be on your side and look out for your best interests. Here’s everything you need to know about insurance claims and house inspections.

Choosing the Best Insurance Claim Assessment Contractor

Scammers prey on storm-damaged families, so it’s critical to follow the proper procedures and search for known, trustworthy contractors before committing to having any repairs done on your property. Of course, it’s natural to want things completed as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it may take some time for your insurance claim to be processed, so choose contractors with established track records rather than the first one that contacts you back.

This implies you must contact a licensed and recognized professional to inspect the damage. Talk to your insurance representative if you’re unsure what standards to look for. They must provide essential advice on choosing the best contractor for your requirements.

Apart from the standards provided by your insurance provider, asking questions about the contractors you interview before selecting is a good idea.

The following are some questions to ask prospective contractors:

  • How long has your firm been in operation?
  • What kind of insurance claim experience do you have?
  • Do you have your team, or do you outsource your work?
  • Is your firm specialized in storm damage repair?
  • In the previous 12 months, how many insurance claims have you handled?
  • Is your business insured?

These questions should give you a decent notion of whether or not the contractor is trustworthy. If the contractor lacks insurance, has no local office, or is inexperienced with insurance claims, they are not respectable or the right guy for the job.

Why Do I Need a Contractor to Evaluate My House?

Although you may be able to inform your insurance agent about the damage to your property, a contractor may provide a complete record. They better understand the worth of each component of your house.

Other components include:

  • Assets’ Ages
  • Quality of Elements
  • Installation Costs
  • Time Required for Installation
  • The Extent of the Damage

Many of these variables may influence the amount of money you get from your insurance provider, so obtaining an accurate appraisal of the damage is critical. A contractor with insurance claim expertise should be able to give a printed copy of the assessment, which contains an itemized list of parts that need repair. Choosing a professional contractor with expertise in analyzing damages is critical to ensuring you get a refund that covers the cost of repairs (both the item itself and the labor to complete the job).

What Does the Contractor Expect?

Arrange a time for the contractor to examine the damage to your house after you have done your due diligence in researching contractors and selecting the one that works best for you and your property (we strongly suggest you hire your own rather than going with one your insurer chooses). During your first chats with them, they should take notes on any areas of concern, but they will also examine your whole home and hunt for hidden problems. Insurance claim tasks are distinguished because they always concern the complete property rather than just one region or component of the house.

Assume you were in charge of an insurance claim for wind or hail damage. In addition to the roof, the contractor should look at other aspects of your property.

Your roofing contractor should evaluate the following factors:

  • Brick Outer Structure
  • Fencing
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Painting
  • HVAC System
  • Anything else on the land or around the house

After the contractor has finished the evaluation, they should present you with a thorough, itemized assessment in writing, including the cost of labor and materials required to complete the task.

How to File a Storm Damage Insurance Claim

If your family’s house has just suffered storm damage, it might seem like the insurance claim procedure takes forever. Yet, there are several precautions you may take to ensure that everything goes as smoothly (and swiftly!) as possible.

Although they are not essential, they might assist in ensuring that everything is running smoothly:

  • Contact your house insurance carrier when the damage happens, and you are in a secure area.
  • Maintain a note of all losses and add to it as you discover new aspects.
  • Take photographs whenever possible, and be sure you date them.
  • Before throwing away damaged things, check with your insurance provider.
  • Know what emergency services are available to you, such as water removal or roof covering, to avoid additional damage and for your and your family’s safety.
  • Maintain a record of any claim conversations, including the name of the person you talked with, the day and time you spoke with them, and the information they gave.
  • Maintain contact information for everyone you talk with about your claim.
  • Retain any receipts associated with your claim.

Dependable Storm Damage Contractor Evaluations

For some homeowners, dealing with an insurance claim on top of the damage to their house may be daunting. When a hurricane damages your house, the last thing you want to worry about is researching and interviewing contractors, talking with your insurance company, and attempting to have your property rebuilt as soon as possible. In such cases, homeowners are often unaware of concealed damages. This may exacerbate anxiety.

Integrity Roofing collaborates with the claim adjusters at your insurance provider to guarantee you obtain appropriate and accurate compensation. You can count on our staff to always be on your side by offering precise reports, accurate evaluations, and thorough, high-quality work. We will guide you through the procedure and help you courteously during the evaluation. In addition, we will offer you a complimentary picture report from the inspection for your records so that you can examine the current damage.

Call Integrity Roofing immediately if you need a reliable, professional contractor to inspect storm damage to your property.

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