Hansen Skating Center, a part of Warsaw, Indiana is a great destination for those looking to enjoy recreational roller skating. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced roller skater, the center has plenty of amenities for everyone to enjoy. An indoor rink means weather isn’t an issue when it’s open for business. There are also video and prize games, making it the perfect place to take the kids on weekends or school holidays. Looking for a special occasion spot? Hansen Skating Center can host birthday parties from 10am-9pm every day! With talented staff and a safe environment, Hansen Skating Center is an ideal spot for any level of skating enthusiast.

What To Do

Hansen Skating Center is a hot spot for roller skaters of all ages. Whether you’re an experienced skater just looking to have some fun or a beginner in need of lessons, the friendly staff here can easily accommodate you. If you’re planning a party, Hansen Skating Center also has special private sessions that include skate rental, games and refreshments for ultimate skating fun! With weekly specials and discounts online and at the rink, everyone can jump on the roller skating train. Don’t forget to bring your camera along to capture memories of this fantastic experience which will surely make you come back for more.


Hansen Skating Center provides a wide range of activities and attractions that are guaranteed to entertain. Whether you’re looking for a day of ice-skating with friends or family, or a venue to host your next birthday party, this local treasure has something to offer everyone. Guests can enjoy traditional roller skates or figure skates, plus arcade games, a laser tag arena and much more. With affordable prices and flexible hours throughout the week and weekend, Hansen Skating Center has everything you need for fun times!

Plan Your Visit

Planning a trip to Hansen Skating Center in Warsaw, Indiana is an exciting endeavor. The Center hosts public skating sessions seven days a week, along with special family events and competitions throughout the year. Everyone from beginners to experts can enjoy a variety of amenities, such as several rink sizes for various sports activities, a 3000 square-foot laser tag arena, and an arcade filled with the latest video games. Not only is there plenty to do during your visit but expert coaches are also on hand to provide group and individualized instruction as well as tips on proper skating technique. 

In addition, Hansen Skating Center proudly partners with other local organizations to provide discounts at different times throughout the year. With amazing activities surrounding you, visiting the center is an unforgettable experience that should be added to your itinerary while in Warsaw.

Overall, Hansen Skating Center offers a great environment to enjoy a fun day of skating. The facility itself is polished and well-maintained and provides plenty of room and open space, both inside and outside, for visitors to enjoy the roller rink experience. No matter what kind of skater you are – beginner or advanced – this place has something enjoyable for everyone. From glow-roller disco nights to traditional skate session times, Hansen’s is an ideal destination spot for family and friends alike to meet up and have some nostalgia-filled fun!


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