The Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park neighborhood is a fantastic place to live. Located near Warsaw, IN, this quiet community features tree-lined streets and beautiful homes with sizable yards. Residents enjoy excellent amenities such as public parks with playgrounds and plenty of green space for children to play in. They also have access to shopping and dining venues nearby, making it easy to grab essential items or eat out without having to travel long distances. The location offers easy access from many areas in Northern Indiana and has been known for its low-crime rates, which appeals to families who want to feel secure raising their children there.


Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park is a thriving residential area and home to multiple generations of families. The neighborhood’s population is estimated to be 10,400 with the majority being Caucasian at 88% followed by African American 8%, Hispanic 3%, and other 1%. The median age of residents is 33. In terms of education level, most adults are high school graduates or possess some college followed closely by those who only have a high school diploma. 

Over four-fifths of the Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park population is married while 1 out of 4 are living alone – an increase from 15 years prior when only 14% lived alone. Financial security has been increasing over the past two decades, indicating an upward trend in the economic health of individuals in this community.


Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park are two prominent neighborhoods known for their views of Winona Lake and calm atmosphere. Education in this area is top-notch and the community puts a strong focus on providing quality resources to its students. For children attending elementary school there is Paxinosa, an institution that offers a range of fantastic programs such as Title I courses and kindergarten instruction. 

Furthermore, for high schoolers, a number of acclaimed boarding schools exist that specialize in everything from environmental sciences to STEM fields. The area is full of cozy coffee shops perfect for studying, art galleries available for recreational activities, and high funds from local governments all help ensure that students can gain the knowledge they need whilst still having time to enjoy extracurricular pursuits.


Warsaw, Indiana’s Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park is an ideal destination for tourists looking for a serene escape. Set in the hills of Kosciusko County, the park offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside alongside a variety of activities to entertain guests. From jogging trails and bike pathways, to picnic spots and mini-campgrounds, visitors are sure to find something to occupy their time. The park also offers seasonal events such as bird-watching guided tours or lakeside kayak rentals, so come check out what Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park has to offer!

Overall, Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park is a great neighborhood for those looking for a peaceful and welcoming living environment in Warsaw, Indiana. The architecture is classic and the area is well kept and maintained for residents. The park has plenty of offerings to enjoy such as walking trails, playgrounds, sports courts, and gardens. Every inch of Arrowhead/Highlands Park screams “community”. Whether you’re looking to raise a family or just settle down, this community could be perfect for you.

In addition, if you’re looking for peace and quiet with plenty to see, Sidney is an ideal spot for a weekend getaway. Downtown, visitors can explore vintage clothing stores, toy shops, and antiques. If you’re looking to be active outdoors, there are plenty of walking trails and parks in the area. The town boasts some fantastic eateries as well – from old-fashioned diners to farm-to-table restaurants serving up unique takes on local cuisine.

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