Warsaw South is an energetic neighborhood located in Warsaw, Indiana. It’s known for its extensive park system and diverse restaurants, providing residents with ample opportunities for recreation and socializing. The quiet streets showcase some of the city’s most beautiful historical architecture, with many homes and buildings reflecting the region’s rich history. The area provides plentiful amenities, including shopping centers, medical centers and more. While Warsaw South may seem like a sleepy suburb on the surface, it has everything you need to keep a busy lifestyle – so come explore this vibrant corner of the city!


Warsaw South is a community that is teeming with diversity. Over 47% of the population are minorities, with 21% of those people being Hispanic or Latino. In terms of age spectrum, 30% of the community are children (under 18 years old) and 22% are seniors (65 and over). In regards to household size, there are 1,672 households which comprise an average of 3 persons each. Furthermore, nearly half of the households have dependent children at home and about 42% inhabit multiple generations under one roof. Income levels in the area vary as 66% of the area’s population earn less than $50K and 23% earn $50K -125K annually while just over 4% make more than that figure. All these stats combine to show Warsaw South as a vibrant and dynamic area full of interesting people and lifestyles.


Education in Warsaw South is a core part of the community. Many of the neighborhood’s educational institutions prioritize engaged learning opportunities for all students, with resources like mentoring programs, innovative curriculum, and a host of enrichment activities offered to supplement traditional approaches. Local government has also implemented robust educational policies, striving to increase financial support for education and raise student academic performance across the district. With its thriving schools, Warsaw South offers a stimulating academic environment to its residents and promotes equitable access to learning for all.


Warsaw South is a charming and inviting neighborhood that is full of fascinating sites to explore. Home to the wildly popular Winona Lake, Warsaw South boasts some of the best outdoor entertainment around. Take a dip in the lake or embark on an unforgettable hike through one of their gorgeous bike trails. Visitors can also take part in the festivities hosted by The Boathouse, which serves as a great spot for parties and small events year-round. 

There are various unique restaurants located in Warsaw South that offer visitors a wide selection of culinary experiences from around the world. In addition to its sights and sounds, this highly sought-after destination offers plenty of lodging options for visitors coming from out-of-town, making it one of the most idyllic getaways for tourists who need to escape from it all.

Overall, Warsaw South is an excellent neighborhood to live in. Its convenient location puts it close to a wide variety of amenities and its proximity to nature makes it a pleasant place to call home. While some neighborhoods can become overcrowded and noisy, Warsaw South offers its residents with plenty of green spaces, friendly neighbors, and low crime rates – making it one of the safest places in Indiana. 

Whether you are looking for a newly built home or a more established one, this neighborhood truly has something for everyone. With prices starting at an affordable rate, residents find that they get much more than they bargained for when choosing this vibrant community.


But if you’re looking for a suburban area that embodies small-town charm with all the modern conveniences, consider Arrowhead Park/Highlands Park. This neighborhood boasts an array of amenities including shopping centers, restaurants, and parks. Additionally, many schools nearby offer top-tier learning experiences to students of all ages. If you opt to call this picturesque neighborhood your home, you can enjoy an incredibly safe environment paired with excellent housing options and plenty of recreational activities.

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